Porch Logic

👋 Hi, my name is Ian

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I use creative software tools

I want to help people build personal operating systems

I also want to participate in re-opening the web

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I believe the best way is to reimagine the keyboard

And to build a healthy software and business

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The open web

The open web began with two components: Language (The specification of standards and protocols like HTTP, HTML, and CSS) and Browser (The software application that looks at an address URL and translates the data it finds at that address into a human-readable web page.)

The open web ended with one component: Index, aka directory, repository, or search engine. This is what makes it convenient for humans to find information on the web, and what has made it difficult to escape the singular perspective of our go-to INDEX.

The open index

Porch Logic is a new web of personal indices that operates alongside the existing internet, with one key difference: the Index is an emergent result of the Browser and the Language, not an entity itself. The functionality provided by this new browser empowers people to explore the web from many different perspectives--a community of indices--rather than just one popular INDEX.

The original web's domain is the DNS, which is a system that allows people to control addresses within the domain. Porch Logic's domain is SHA-256. This means that each piece of data on the Porch Logic web has a content address, and thus the 'ownership' of any given address inside the domain is not a concern.

MVP: Keyboard shortcuts

The Minimum Viable Product that will cultivate adoption of this new web is a visual tool to build your personal index of keyboard shortcuts and integrate it with the web of indices.


Andreesen Horowitz


Mechanical Keyboards

Products like Notion.io are empowering non-coders to build systems of their own. Products like VSCO.co are proving that people want to pay for better products. There is room between the keyboard and the operating system to build a new powerful layer of programability for everyone.